Thursday, June 07, 2018

Japanese Garden and Reclamation Water Plant

 The Japanese Garden

Despite growing up in The Valley and trying to keep up with events "over-the-hill" from us in Culver City, we never knew there's a gorgeous Japanese garden flourishing in the Sepulveda basin. That is until last month, when we took a tour of the grounds with our new friends at Atlas Obscura. Created in the mid-1980s, the garden is an amazing hidden oasis located right next to a water reclamation plant. In fact, the garden was created to demonstrate what can be done with reclaimed water. Plus, the facility, bridging the two areas, looks so futuristic that it's often used as the facade of Star Trek's Starfleet Academy. Highly recommended!

Starfleet Academy!

Lotus blossoms



Canadian geese repatriated from the L.A. Zoo

And just on the other side of the trees: the DC Tillman

Brown sludge being turned into clean water