Tuesday, August 07, 2018

That's From Disneyland!

Auction catalog cover, designed by SHAG
I've been extremely busy working on several big writing projects and so let the blog languish these past two months. But even though I'm still neck-deep into writing, there's always time for Disney, especially when there are one-of-a-kind items to buy!

On August 25 and 26, the Van Eaton Galleries will auction nearly 800 items from talent agent Richard Kraft's private collection of Disneyland memorabilia, some of which I've never seen for sale before. The collection includes just about everything from stationary and pins to posters to cars from several Disneyland rides. 

A public exhibit of Kraft's collection opened last Wednesday in a former two-story Sports Authority storefront in The Valley. I beat the crowds by going Friday, but then returned with Tim on Sunday so we could attend a signing with our favorite artist, SHAG, who designed the cover of the auction catalog. The Valley was roastingly hot and the store crowded. Still, it was worth the schlep over the hill to see Kraft's stuff and meet SHAG.

Enormous "D" from atop the Disneyland Hotel

Main Street window display of the Cindrella cartoon movie 

Frontierland posters, an animatronic dog and Davey Crockett's canoe

48-ft-long serpent from the old Submarine Voyage ride 

Small Tomorrowland souvenirs--I'll be bidding on the Autopia
notepad holder

Miniature man from the Adventure Thru Inner Space
(aka Monsanto) ride

Cars from Space Mountain (rear) and Rocket Jets (front) rides

Looking down at the crowds

José, the animatronic bird, from the Enchanted Tiki Room

Hatbox Ghost souvenir from the Haunted Mansion


Pirate ship car from Peter Pan ride and 
it's a small world trashcan

 Dumbo display doll


Dolls from Snow White ride

Me with family favorite Dumbo

Wearing our SHAG shirts to meet SHAG!