Sunday, July 02, 2006

L.A. Film Festival (7/1/06)

No celebrities at yesterday’s film festival. In fact, no full-length film! Instead, we attended a UCLA lecture called “L.A. Noir: The City as Character,” which featured clips of several post-WWII films—mostly black-and-white—shot on location in Los Angeles. My favorite was a scene from “Sunset Boulevard,” showing a mechanical stop/go sign that was eventually replaced by our three-color traffic lights. We also saw the old Angels Flight (“Kiss Me Deadly”), oily Venice canals (“Touch of Evil”), the magnificent Bradbury Building (“DOA”), and assorted shots of City Hall and Bunker Hill. Tim has “Mickey Rooney” programmed into our Tivo wish list, so of course his favorite clips were of the Santa Monica Pier, where we saw Mickey (playing the bad guy) being endlessly chased by the cops in “Quicksand.”

I wanted to watch “Chinatown” when we got home; but Tim was in more of a military frame of mind, so we watched “Black Hawk Down” instead. We’re seeing our last festival film later today. Be sure to tune-in tomorrow for details...


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