Friday, January 22, 2010

January 2010

Happy New Year!

Although we’ve done some fun stuff this month--including taking an exclusive members-only tour of the Grammy Museum’s small but fabulous “Elvis at 21” exhibit with renowned photographer Alfred Wertheimer (the exhibit is a must-see for early Elvis fans)--the new year has pretty much been spent finishing up the garage project. We painted inside and out, plus bought a great neon Coca-Cola clock as a centerpiece for what I’m now calling our “garage clubhouse” (cue Tim to roll his eyes). But then the rains came, squashing all desire to complete what little cleaning and organizing still remains. I hope to post photos of the finished project by mid-February.

Rain, rain, go away:

Just when I was going to gloat about wildflowers blooming while the rest of the country sits under two feet of snow, our weather turned cold and nasty, forcing us indoors. Because, of course, when it rains in L.A. it doesn’t just rain, it pours, often causing damage of biblical proportions--or, at least, that’s what the local media would have us believe. Our own street usually turns into a small lake, while the otherwise benign Ballona “creek,” which runs at the end of our block, becomes a raging, frothing river. For a week, I’ve been cooped-up inside, leaving the house for only the most important essentials: food and the one-cent frame sale at Aaron Bros. Art Mart! Our two toasty cats have become our favorite indoor accessories.

Here’s hoping February is a lot more sunny and productive . . .

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Mike said...

That photo of Tim with the cats...they look like, the ctas that is, a Pushmepullyou from Dr DoLittle.