Saturday, August 14, 2010

Disney Studio

We continued our summer fascination—some might say obsession!—with all things Disney by touring the studio today along with other D23 fanclub members. We had a wonderful time learning about the studio's history, cruising the halls of the old animation building, seeing what remains of the backlot, and visiting the company archives. But since Disney is so visual, I'm going to let our photos tell the story. Enjoy!

Our tour started at "Pluto Corner" at the intersection of Dopey Dr. and Mickey Ave.

Our first stop: the building where all the best films of my childhood were created. The hallway was covered in artwork (e.g., sketches, cels, etc.) from Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland and more. Absolutely breathtaking!

The Seven Dwarves hold up the roof of the Eisner building.

Jiminy Cricket oversees recycling while the sorcerer's hat (formerly Roy E. Disney's office) lurks in the background. The space between the two was once the site of the old Zorro TV series set.

Next stop: the Disney archives, where we got to fondle one of Walt's many Oscars!

The Mouse is everywhere: on buildings, on signs and on the floor of office hallways!

Our last stop (before the studio store!) was the "legends plaza," where the most famous Disney personalities are honored annually. Tim's favorite: Kevin "Moochy" Corcoran.

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