Monday, November 08, 2010

7th Street

One of the most exciting on-going local developments is the revitalization of downtown L.A. Hundred-year-old buildings are turning into living spaces as more and more amenities—like a recently opened Ralph's supermarket—are introduced into the area. Downtown is becoming gentrified.

A big proponent of this conversion is the L.A. Conservancy, the organization that regularly fights for the restoration of old Los Angeles landmarks. To open residents' eyes to the beauty of the city, the Conservancy conducts several walking tours a year, featuring downtown architecture. We try to participate when we can.

On Sunday, the Conservancy offered an historical tour of 7th Street, one of the main east/west arteries downtown. As usual, we revisited some familiar spots; but mostly we marveled at buildings we had never really noticed before.

Here are just a few of the sights we enjoyed. Who says this city isn't beautiful?

Los Angeles Public Library as viewed from atop the Sheraton Hotel

The crown of the Pantages Theatre (1920)
401 W. 7th St,

Ornamentation on the Union Oil building (1937)
215 W. 7th St.

Old L.A. streetlamp and fire escape

Mural on Dearden's furniture store
700 S. Main St.

Former factories (1911) turned into lofts
Santee Court, 714 S. Los Angeles St.

Top of unknown building
7th and Los Angeles streets

Mural on Spring St.

Kitschy detail, St. Vincent's Court
Alley off 7th between Broadway and Hill

Saving the best for last:
Fine Arts Building (1926)
811 W. 7th St.

Batchelder tile floor




Cucipata said...

I have never been a big LA fan, but maybe I haven't seen everything that it has to offer. Liked the pictures.

Cindy Olnick said...

Thank you so much for coming on the tour and posting such beautiful photos! Cindy Olnick, L.A. Conservancy