Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Early Spring

Last month's constant rain may have been annoying, but the pay-off is already evident. Although our wildflowers still haven't started to bloom, our other California natives are beginning to explode with tiny bits of color. I spent as much time as possible in our yards this past weekend. Enjoy!


Dendromecon (Catalina Island Poppy Bush)


Ribes (Currant)

Red Bud


Raven said...

All these are in your yard? How lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Raven said...

I also have to giggle a bit about California's rain. I know it seemed like a lot and it causes lots of trouble because it isn't the norm so CA isn't prepared for it. But, after living in the rainforest for a few years, I laugh at what I used to consider a deluge. We get @ 13 feet of rain here a year. :)

Ginny said...

So pretty.