Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Valley in the '60s

Even though I’m a librarian, I’ve never dedicated entire blog entry to endorsing a book. But this book is different because it’s set in The Valley, where Tim and I grew-up. OK, so Burbank isn’t exactly in the heart of The Valley, but it is on the edge and, as teens, my sister and I did all our major clothes and shoes shopping in North Hollywood and beyond.

Radio personality and TV screenwriter/producer Ken Levine is only three months younger than Tim and truly did grow-up in The Valley, not too far from Tim’s childhood home. He went to Taft High, cruised Topanga Plaza, ate at Bob’s Big Boy, worked at Wallichs Music City, and spent his summers at Zuma Beach. Plus he lived through all the same world-changing events of the 1960s we did.

The Me Generation . . . By Me: Growing Up in the ‘60s is funny and nostalgic and if you’re our age and grew-up in The Valley, you absolutely must read it! We also highly recommend Levine’s blog.

Happy memories!

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