Friday, November 23, 2012

Earl of Sandwich

One of the highlights of our trip to Orlando, FL, two years ago, was discovering the Earl of Sandwich fast-food place in Downtown Disney. Now I make a pretty good BLT—my all-time favorite sandwich—but the Earl’s was the single best BLT I’d ever eaten in a restaurant: lots of thin crispy bacon on a toasted bun. I loved it so much, we ate there twice even though we were in Orlando only a handful of days. When we returned home, I looked for an Earl of Sandwich in the L.A. area, but the closest one was in Las Vegas! I was crushed.

Then about a year ago, we heard that the Earl was coming to our Downtown Disney in Anaheim! Tim checked the website regularly for updates and every time we went to Disneyland we walked by the construction site to check on its progress. The last we heard, the Earl wasn’t opening until after the new year.

Well, we were driving through Anaheim a couple of days ago and decided to make a quick run into Disneyland. The big parking lot was full, so we pulled into Downtown Disney. As usual, we took the long way around so we could get an update on the Earl of Sandwich . . . and there it was! It had opened in early November without us. The line to get in was enormous, so we decided to go to the park first and then grab our sandwiches on the way out.

A mob scene inside - we were the oldest
people on line!

The line was even longer by the time we got there, two hours later. I whispered to Tim that the Earl needed a FASTPASS™ line like the most popular Disneyland rides. I didn’t dare look at the time, but I think we waited at least 30 minutes before we finally got to order our sandwiches. It was then another 5-10 minutes before our beeper started to flash.

BLT heaven

Tim said he’ll never wait that long again. I, on the other hand, was in hog (OK, bacon) heaven and only wished I’d thought of getting two BLTs—one for then and one for the next day. But not to worry. I can never stay away from Disneyland for long and so should be returning again soon. As if I needed yet another reason to go to Anaheim!

The world's greatest sandwich, indeed!

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Florecita Farm said...

Another thing you and Eric share. BLT is his fave, too. Love the photo of you and your sandwich.