Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dodger Stadium Redux

We may have changed our allegiance to the Angels several years ago, but we still love L.A.'s Dodger Stadium, which got a much-deserved facelift this past year. We went to our first game of the season on Saturday. The seats were in "nose-bleed"—still, the view was pretty damn terrific.

Taking the field: 1st inning

New twin scoreboards

Dodgers dugout

The new look of the stadium is definitely retro, celebrating the team's often illustrious history in L.A. Everywhere you look there's a reminder of Dodgers' accomplishments—made me proud to be a baseball fan in Los Angeles!

New bobblehead dolls greet the fans outside the stadium

#32 Sandy Koufax, my all-time favorite ballplayer

Even the hot dogs are famous in L.A.!

Dodger history is celebrated at every turn. Murals 
now welcome fans to the newly renovated
bathrooms (yay!)

Unfortunately, parking is as heinous as ever!

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