Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marilyn in Palm Springs

I love Marilyn Monroe, not so much because of her acting ability—though she was brilliant in Some Like It Hot and, especially, Bus Stop—but because she was so beautiful and misunderstood and tragic. She was the ultimate movie star and is currently being celebrated as a 3-story-high sculpture, called "Forever Marilyn," in Palm Springs.

We returned to Smoke Tree Ranch, last weekend, to spend three glorious days with a great group of Disney fans. But before immersing ourselves in all things "Walt," we, of course, stopped to visit Marilyn. Standing 26 feet tall and weighing 17 tons, she never looked better—so joyous in the pose made famous in The Seven-Year Itch. You'd never guess she's made of bronze and steel.

Marilyn is leaving Palm Springs at the end of the year, so go right now if you want to see her. Be sure to take a warm sweater, though. Marilyn may be dressed for a heat wave, but we woke-up to snow on the mountains on Sunday.

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