Friday, January 10, 2014

Celebrity Visit to Tim's Studio

I was running out the door to attend a meeting, earlier this week, when the phone rang. It was Tim.

“Marky Mark is here!” he whispered into his cell. Apparently Mark Wahlberg, whom we still affectionately call “Marky Mark” from his Funky Bunch days, made a surprise visit to Tim’s radio station to promote his new movie, Lone Survivor. 

“How does he look?” I asked.

“The same, except he’s short.”

“Take photos,” I implored.

Tim then mentioned that Wahlberg had brought along 12 guys with him. I could tell he was miffed.

“Well, hullo! The TV show Entourage was, after all, based on his life! Of course he’s going to have 12 guys with him.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I gotta go. TAKE PICTURES!!”

And here they are:

Wahlberg (in the middle) being interviewed on radio

Wahlberg (beard) and Tim's lucky coworkers

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