Sunday, November 02, 2014

Stan Lee's Comikaze

It’s been many years since we’ve had the chance to buy tickets to San Diego’s annual Comic-Con, so I’ve had to rely on other venues to release my inner “geek.” Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention is underway in downtown L.A. this weekend. We decided to go late yesterday afternoon.

Though there were lots of interesting panels on all manner of topics related to comicbooks and science fiction, we went just to soak-up the atmosphere and see the costumes. Thankfully, the crowds were much smaller—a couple thousand (maybe) compared to 125,000 at Comic-Con—but the cosplay was just as good. We especially loved folks dressed like characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxywe are Groot!—and, of course, several Maleficents, one of whom won 2nd place at the big Comikaze costume contest, which we stayed to see. It was exhausting—we may have been the oldest people there—but very fun! I’m already planning ahead to next year . . .

An excellent Wolverine

A scary Skeletor

Perennial Star Wars fan
favorites: C-3PO and R2-D2


Female fans of Mothra and Godzilla

Don't know who they are, but their costumes
are amazing

 World famous cosplayer and costume
contest judge Yaya Han

Funny, but who are these guys?

Lifesize statue of Groot, possibly the most wonderful movie
superhero ever to come out of a comicbook

And Groot's best friend, Rocket Raccoon

Groot and Rocket cosplayers

With Peter Quill, Star Lord

Perhaps the oldest people in the room!

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