Sunday, July 05, 2015

July 4 in Cayucos

 The crowds in Cayucos

Normally, the most patriotic thing we do for July 4th is eat barbecue and watch the Culver City fireworks. This year, however, our friends Candi and Alan invited us to join them for the annual festivities in Cayucos, one of our favorite small beach towns on the Central Coast. Located north of Morro Bay, Cayucos is home to about 2500 people. But on the 4th of July, the population swells at least tenfold as folks flood in from miles around to see the town's parade, compete in a sand sculpture contest, shop at a peddler's faire, watch fireworks, and, of course, eat barbecue.

Alan, Tim and Candi scoping out a spot 
to watch the parade

We arrived after the parade had already begun and so (literally) had to park more than a mile away and walk in. The parade was great: plenty of local businesses, car clubs, and homemade floats. There were 66 participants—slightly smaller than the world-famous Pasadena Rose Parade, but a lot less spectacular! Plus the route in Cayucos is only about three blocks long. Finding the best place to watch the parade is apparently a big deal in Cayucos, because there were signs all over the place warning residents not to save spots before July 3.

"All chairs or items placed on streets or sidewalks
before 6PM, July 3, will be removed"

Lots of classic car clubs


Several bands played on flatbed trucks
And homemade floats
We enjoyed the parade, saw the sand sculptures, shopped at the peddler's faire, and ate, but didn't want to hang around for eight hours, waiting for the fireworks. So we dragged ourselves back to the car and headed to our friends' home. It was an exhausting but wonderful day.

Tim, Candi and Alan

The guys and me
Admiring Gumby

Happy Independence Day, y'all!

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