Monday, August 10, 2015

CicLAvia in Culver City

Bikes everywhere!

Three times a year, a neighborhood in the L.A. area closes a main street to cars and hosts CicLAvia, an all-day event that celebrates alternative forms of transportation. Mostly a bike-a-thon, the event is based on the ciclovias that have been held in Bógota, Columbia, for the past 40 years. The first CicLAvia occurred on Wilshire Blvd. three years ago.

Yesterday's event started at the Expo lightrail terminus in Culver City and continued west, for six miles, through Venice to the ocean. We no longer own bikes, but we do still have healthy feet, so we decided to checkout the scene by walking up to Sepulveda and Washington Pl., before turning right to downtown Culver City. Three hours—and five miles!—later, we returned home, sunburned and tired but exhilarated. Seemed like the entire town was out riding bicycles. See for yourself:

Bikes heading west on Washington Pl.

Bernie Sanders supporters were in full force

It wouldn't be an L.A. event without food trucks!

In front of Sony Studios at Overland

 A boy and his dog, watching the world ride past

Downtown Culver City
And, of course, bike valet service—only in L.A.!

Bikes zooming by in front of the NFL Network

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