Monday, September 21, 2015

A Puffy Skirt Weekend

The guys and me enjoying MarchFourth!

The calendar may say that autumn is just around the corner, but L.A. continues to be in the almost unbearable throes of summer. Still, we managed to dress-up, go out and have fun this past weekend. With no air conditioning, any place was bound to be cooler than home.

On Friday, our friends Candi and Alan introduced us to MarchFourth!, a wildly energetic 20-piece group that fills the stage with marching band drums, brass wind instruments, female gymnasts, and an occasional guitar solo. They were great fun, highly entertaining and I loved the music. They played at the Teragram Ballroom, a new club (opened in May) located on 7th St.,  just east of downtown L.A. It's a terrific little venue. But wear comfortable shoes, because there are no seats. It didn't matter, though—we would have been on our feet all night, anyway!


Al and Candi in marching band regalia and me in
my Pin-Up Girl "Alice in Wonderland" skirt and
yellow petticoat

Despite the unusually late (for us) bedtime, we got up early the next morning to drive out to Disneyland for Dapper Day, our favorite excuse to wear fancy clothes. Dapper Day was so popular this time that the park reached capacity, late Friday. I'm so glad we decided to go on Saturday instead—especially since parked, at the Dapper Day car show, was a cherry version of my very first car: a red 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon. I nearly burst into tears. Tim asked the owner if I could sit inside and he said yes, but only if I didn't cry! I was 17 all over again. 

Cherry 1960 Ford Falcon wagon
Inside (happy, no tears)
Friend Kelsey (wearing Mary Blair) and

 P.S. Me and my old "red bomb."

Christmas (early 1970s)
Keeping her clean

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