Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Broadcasting from the Queen Mary

The ship entrance
When Tim used to work for KABC radio, he often accompanied Peter Greenberg, TV's "Travel Detective," on remote broadcasts around the world (e.g., Midway Island, Hong Kong, Alaska, etc.). Sometimes I got to go, too. But that was long ago.

So it was a pleasant surprise when Tim was asked if he'd like to help Peter do a remote broadcast from the Queen Mary yesterday. It wasn't Lima, Peru, but at least we could drive to the show site. Plus the Queen offered to comp us a room for the night. We were there!

For those who don't know, the Queen Mary was once the most fabulous ocean liner on the open seas. Retired in 1967, she was bought by the city of Long Beach, where she has served as a hotel and tourist attraction for almost 40 years. Although in desperate need of a face-lift, she nonetheless provides an historic look at a time when travel really was glamorous. The Queen's interior is covered in glorious wood and her ballrooms are works of art. While Tim managed the radio equipment for Peter's broadcast, I ran around the ship, snapping pictures (click on images to enlarge).

Tim checking the radio equipment

Hallway to the staterooms—our room was
on the left

Ballroom fireplace

Wall ornamentation

Art deco clock

Shops on the main promenade

Enclosed deck on the promenade level

Sun deck

Smoke stacks (topside)

The bridge

Looking toward the front of the ship

Looking back from the front

Long Beach (from topside)

Stateroom bathtub faucets: hot and cold
salt and fresh water!

Long Beach through our stateroom porthole

Sunrise (topside) the next morning


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