Friday, February 19, 2016

Rain Room

 Tim entering Rain Room 
Another thing we did, as soon as we decided to retire, was get tickets to Rain Room, the L.A. County Museum of Art's interactive installation where participants walk into a rainy room and not get wet. Well, as we discovered today, you get slightly wet. Unless, of course, you ignore the museum's long list of rulesincluding no running or walking fast through the exhibit, no dark clothes, no large handbags, and no high heels—then you might get completely wet, though we didn't dare test these restrictions.

 Waiting on line to get in
Tickets are timed and Rain Room participants are taken into the exhibit in small groups, nine people at a time. You have two minutes to wander around the room—dark except for a single bright light in one corner—and marvel at not getting drenched, even as rain is pouring all around you. After two minutes, you then step to the room's dry perimeter, while the next nine people enjoy wandering around. Then it's your turn again, etc. The entire event takes 15 minutes—which may seem like not enough time, but really just how long can you walk inside a rainy room without an umbrella?

Tim enjoying the rain

Karen and me wandering around, snapping photos

Nonetheless, it truly was an amazing experience. Tim, of course, immediately tried to figure-out the mechanics of it all, while Karen and I just walked around enjoying the entire thing. Watching other people as they strolled cautiously through the room was all part of the experience. The reaction of two little girls in our group totally added to the fun.

 Me staying amazingly dry

The exhibit is on until April 24 and may already be sold-out. If not, we highly recommend getting tickets. But don't wear high heels!

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