Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Theodore Payne Foundation tour 2016

After a three-year hiatus, we agreed--once again--to be part (house #11) of the Theodore Payne native plants garden tour, April 2. We hired a professional pruner to shape-up our gardens and filled in all backyard gaps with new plants and a small path of up-cycled concrete stepping stones. If I say so myself, our yards look especially glorious this spring. See for yourself what a little bit of rain can do:

 Ready for the hordes to descend--some 80 people
visited our gardens on tour day

Backyard: the calm before the storm

 Luckily, our octopus agaves (two!)
decided to bloom in time for the tour
and were both magnificent


Top of the blooming agave in the backyard
(note bees enjoying the blooms)

Base of the backyard agave, surrounded by burberry,
manzanita, and poppies

Backyard view through our leafing redbud


Baby blue eyes (detail)

Happy homeowners! (Yes, that's a brace
on my knee--long story . . .) 


Knoxie13 said...

Your backyard is beautiful! What an oasis. And the agave are spectacular (and I love the little bees enjoying it).

Cyn said...

Thanks, Kelsey! We love our gardens and this year they truly are spectacular. They love the rain.

Virginia Walter said...