Saturday, September 03, 2016

Disney 5K

The finish line
Labor Day weekend began early with the end-of-summer runDisney 5K, Friday morning, at Disneyland. Start time was at 5:30AM, so we arrived at the park Thursday afternoon, picked-up our race packets and bulked up on carbs at the Naples Ristorante (any excuse to eat pasta and pizza!), before checking into our hotel.

 Carbo-load for dinner (note Tim's 1984 Olympics bicycle cap)

Up at 3:30AM and, after a small snack, walked over to the resort, where we waited for the event to begin. We weren't racing, so were placed in the last "corral," 3/4 of the way back in a crowd of about 5000 walkers and runners. There were so many people that runners from the first corral finished the coarse before we even left the gate.

Selfie while waiting

Everyone anxious to go

Tim warming up
En masse, we started walking south on Disneyland Drive a little before 6AM. We turned into the parks through a gate on the backside of Disney's California Adventure (DCA)—an entirely different route than the Tinker Bell 5K I did in May. 

 Our route, as recorded on Tim's "Map My Walk" app.
With walks from and to our hotel, we ended up doing
more than 5 miles.

Like last time, I was there to see as much behind-the-scenes stuff as I could. Tim, on the other hand, was more interested in tracking our distance and walking time. He was constantly moving ahead, while I stopped to snap photos of unattended rides and fellow walkers in costume. 

Two gals dressed like brooms from the movie Fantasia


 Tower of Terror before it turns into the new Guardians of
the Galaxy ride, early next year
From DCA, we crossed into Disneyland via the underground tunnel most people have never seen. We entered the public part of the park through Tomorrowland, my all-time favorite Disneyland area. We turned a sharp corner and there, quite suddenly, was the Rocket to the Moon—the single most beautiful attraction in the park, made even more gorgeous by the sun, which was just breaking through. Definitely the highlight (for me, at least) of the whole morning.

Entering the underground tunnel

My beloved Rocket

We continued to Fantasyland, through Sleeping Beauty's castle, out of the park via Main Street, on to Downtown Disney and the finish line. With all my photo stops, etc., it took us about an hour to complete the entire coarse. I felt great!

 Exiting the castle

Tim, looking serious

Main Street. nearing the end

Finish line in sight

Tim approaching the finish line
After receiving our medals, we headed back to our off-site hotel. But first, a stop at the PCH Grill, where we had a yummy—and fun—breakfast with several Disney characters. 

 Showing off my medal

Tim with Minnie Mouse

Me with Daisy Duck

Tim and Pluto

Me and Minnie
Back at our hotel, we took a two-hour nap while waiting for rush-hour traffic to abate. The best part: it was still only Friday morning with a long three-day weekend ahead. Yay!

We did it!

Happy Labor Day, y'all!

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