Sunday, May 14, 2017

New York Transit Museum


One of the highlights of our trip was discovering the NY Transit Museum, a truly hidden gem located below ground in the former Court St. subway stop in Brooklyn. The first floor features interesting—and sometimes harrowing—exhibits on how the subways were built 100 years ago. Even further down is an amazing collection of actual subway cars from the early 1900s to today. As relatively recent converts to the joys of mass transit, we were in our complete glory. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of NYC and/or transportation.

Museum entrance: the former Court St. subway stop

Court St. stop

Interior of a 1905 subway car

Colorful cars

One of the best parts was seeing old ads posted inside the subway cars


Air-conditioning (the big black vent at top) was
introduced in time for the 1964 World's Fair

Tim enjoying an empty subway car 

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