Saturday, June 10, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy @ DCA


I may love Christian Bale as Batman and Robert Downey, Jr., as Ironman, but my favorite superhero movie franchise is Guardians of the Galaxy, the fantasy series about a rag-tag group of alien misfits, whose leader, Peter Quill (i.e., “Star-Lord”), was kidnapped from Earth when he was a child. Skilled at saving the galaxy, the Guardians are irreverent, unorthodox and highly lovable. Their cast of characters includes the green-skinned female Gamora, a loudmouthed, gun-wielding raccoon and a warrior tree, who says only one thing: “I am Groot.”

Now part of the Disney universe, Guardians recently got its own ride at Disney’s California Adventure (DCA). The ride involves an elevator that feels like it’s free-falling, so I’ll never go on it. Still, I love all the corollary stuff, including a short “staged” encounter between Quill and Gamora, in front of the Guardians ride, that ends in a dance-off with Groot. We waited in line—for an hour!!—to have our photo taken with Groot, everyone’s favorite Guardian.

 Exterior of Mission: Breakout! ride

Quill trying to rouse the crowd, while Gamora looks on unimpressed

Groot and Star-Lord

Groot's dance-off

With Groot!!
We haven’t gone on the ride, but everything else is fun, especially if you’re a fan of Groot.

I am bread!: sourdough version of Baby Groot's face--
too cute to eat!

Tim eating churros instead 

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