Sunday, June 02, 2013

Culver City in Bloom

No one would mistake Culver City for the garden center of L.A. Still, you can hardly drive through town these days without smelling the sweet bouquet of jasmine at every stoplight. We do love a lusciously fragrant tropical flower. At night, when the windows are open and the scent of star jasmine wafts through the house—it's pure heaven!

Intoxicating star jasmine

California native toyon, with its delicate white flowers, and early-blooming Indian hawthorn are also ubiquitous to the area. 

Indian hawthorn


But it’s the jacaranda tree that’s the queen of late spring. “What are those magnificent purple trees?!” a colleague from northern California once exclaimed. “I just want to fall on the ground and worship them!” One of our favorite blogs, L.A. Observed, calls this time of year “jacaranda season.” As you can see, they are exceptionally beautiful this year.

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