Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"For Your Consideration"

Last month’s mayoral race was barely over when we suddenly started seeing “For Your Consideration” ads in the entertainment section of the L.A. Times. What readers are being asked to consider, of course, are TV shows worthy of nomination for this year’s Emmy awards.

This is an annual ritual in Los Angeles, since many, if not most, television shows are produced here. Ads in the L.A. Times have become especially prominent since the demise of paper versions of Variety and other “industry” publications. But imagine our surprise when we ran across these lawn signs as we were walking along a major street near our home. Surely this has to be a first, even for L.A.!

By the way, we’re not members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. But if I were, I’d vote for House of Cards, for best dramatic series, and its two main stars, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, for their lead performances. I’d also vote for John Noble, for his supporting role as Walter, the brilliant but tortured scientist in Fringe, and Monica Potter, for her effective supporting role in Parenthood. Ballots are due Friday.


beckie said...

I LOVE Walter in Fringe. He is my favorite character.

Cyn said...

I agree! John Noble should have been nominated a long time ago and certainly should have won at least once. What a sweet but complicated character and such a fine, fine actor.