Friday, July 19, 2013


SyFy's schlocky movie-of-the-week Sharknado was such a hit on Twitter last week that they showed it again last night. I made Tim watch it with me. 

As the title suggests, a tornado off the coast of Southern California sucks-up thousands of sharks, who then terrorize and destroy L.A. Even more ridiculous than the idea of sharks flying through the air and eating people in their swimming pools was the egregious disregard for Los Angeles geography. I'm sorry but Van Nuys is not 10 minutes away from the 6th Street bridge in East L.A. Nor can you see the Hollywood sign from Downtown. For a minute there I thought we were watching an old episode of 24.

Still, it's always fun to see our beloved city destroyed by natural—or, in this case, totally ludicrous—disasters. See for yourself:

By the way, a Sharknado II is already in the works. This time NYC is going to be destroyed (again). What a surprise!

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Aunt Snow said...

I loved it - I always love improbably geography in LA locations!

How about the scene where the sharks and water were waist-deep in the living room of the house in the Hollywood Hills, and when the characters escaped out to the (downhill) driveway, the pavement was just wet with raindrops?

Or how people could run along the decking of the Santa Monica Pier, but Ocean Avenue up on the bluffs was awash in water?