Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sony Studios Tour

Although we’ve been on the Sony lot many times for parties, a political rally, and even to see scenes filmed from the former TV show Joan of Arcadia, we’ve never—in all the 15 years we’ve lived here—taken a formal tour of the studios. Luckily, Sony is offering a twilight tour every Thursday this summer, so we went last week. It was very fun, even though we didn’t learn anything new about the Hollywood side of Culver City.

The tour started with a short video history of how Sony started as MGM and then Lorimar studios before its current incarnation. We also saw clips of MGM's most famous movies, including It Happened One Night, On the Waterfront, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Wizard of Oz. We then spent the next two hours walking around the lot, eyeballing buildings named for classic movie stars, like Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Kate and Audrey Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy, and the recording stage, named after Barbra Streisand. We also saw cars from recent Sony movies and TV shows, ending the tour at the Jeopardy museum, which celebrates the most beloved game show of all time. 

Recent addition: an enormous rainbow
sculpture commemorating The
Wizard of Oz

Columbia Pictures, now a subsidiary of Sony, 
is here, too

Sony offices that can double as movie sets, as needed

Vehicles from Green Hornet and TV show
Breaking Bad

 Just a few of Jeopardy's many Emmy awards

Cardboard Alex Trebek and me

Faux theater facade

The highlight, though, was when our tour guide, Will, randomly selected three of us—two young people and me—to rehearse and enact an improvised movie scene. The premise: the kids start bickering when their mom (me) forgets the keys to their storage unit. Tim, of course, was our cinematographer. Here’s our first rehearsal:

No Oscars, but not bad for someone who hasn't performed since 10th-grade Drama. Am I ready yet for my close-up?

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Suzanne Stauffer said...

Hey, you handled that so well -- you should think about being a young adult librarian!