Sunday, October 05, 2014

Paul Revere, RIP

Paul Revere

One of my fondest teenage memories is of rushing home after school to watch Where the Action Is, a black-and-white half-hour TV show that aired weekday afternoons on ABC. A precursor to MTV, Action featured the top pop singers of the day, lip-syncing to their songs while walking along Santa Monica beach or other well-known, mostly local teen hangouts. I loved the show and especially the Action “house band,” Paul Revere and the Raiders, who were silly and dressed like Revolutionary War soldiers. I still carry a CD of their greatest hits in my car.

Tim and I saw the Raiders about 10 years ago at Disney’s California Adventure, when the park first opened and was so desperate for visitors that they hired nostalgic rock bands to play and attract baby boomers. Paul Revere, the group’s leader, was a hoot and full of life. I couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing one of my childhood idols perform live on stage!

Then last year we bought tickets to see the reconstituted Raiders at an afternoon show in Cerritos. The new band, made up of singers far younger than us, was great. And once again, Paul was a hoot, telling jokes and sitting behind a small organ. But now he walked with a cane and obviously was not 100% well.

I’m very sad to report that Paul Revere died over the weekend. I’ve loved him and his music for almost 50 years. Long may you ride, Paul!

The Raiders on Action. Paul is wearing the tri-corner
hat trimmed in white fur.

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