Sunday, March 01, 2015

All Disney, All the Time

Dapper Day at the Disney Resort

We spent another exhausting but fun weekend living la vida Disney. Yesterday we attended an auction of Disney memorabilia in hopes of out-bidding collectors from around the world. After six hours, we gave up and headed for the Disneyland hotel, where we stayed the night in preparation for Dapper Day, one of our favorite fan events. We had tickets for the first-ever Dapper Day lawn party hosted by the one-and-only Charles Phoenix; but with rain on the horizon the event was brought inside. Good food, entertainment and fabulous mid-century outfits. I wish every day was Dapper Day!

Van Eaton galleries Disneyland auction: lots of
wonderful posters and park artwork

"it's a small world" dolls!

Character heads and other

Disneyland costumes and banners

More stuff I'd love to own, but the bidding was absolutely
cut-throat—before I could even raise my hand, someone
had already bid way above my limit, so we just watched
and either laughed or cursed under our breath

Tim wielding our unlucky paddle number (113)—he
was the only who bid on a 1967 Grad Night (the year he
graduated from high school) booklet and tickets, so we didn't go 
home completely empty-handed!

Dressed in faux vintage for Dapper Day

Lawn party host Charles Phoenix with
special guest Mickey Mouse—matchy-matchy!

With Mickey

P.S. Excellent photos of a lot of the folks we saw dressed up for Dapper Day at L.A. Racked.


Unknown said...

Particularly liked your "extra fancy" matchy matchy attire. I too wish every day was a dress up day!

Unknown said...

I particularly liked your "extra fancy" matchy matchy attire. I too wish every day was a dress up day!