Friday, October 09, 2015

Flight Path Museum

Flight Path Museum & Learning Center 
The Flight Path Museum and Learning Center is one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles. Housed in an old private airline terminal on the southern rim of LAX, the museum celebrates the glory days of aviation, when passengers dressed-up to fly cross-country and were served meals on real china dishes. 
Lots of aviation artifacts
A parade of flight attendant uniforms of yore (colorful!)
American Airlines exhibit
We discovered the museum in 2008 and have attended their annual fundraiser gala for the past several years. Australia Airlines was a sponsor this year, so we got to walk around under one of their gigantic planes. On previous visits, we got to go inside the much smaller DC3 parked alongside the museum. I may hate to fly, but I do love airplanes.

Spirit of Seventy-Six DC3

The Flight Path Museum is truly a hidden gem that's open free (!) to the public, Tuesday-Saturday. We highly recommend stopping by for an hour the next time you're in El Segundo.

The view from under Australia Airlines plane
Enjoying the gala

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