Sunday, November 01, 2015

Disney Auction

Up for auction: Disneyland sky-bucket

We spent a good part of Halloween Day in Sherman Oaks at the Van Eaton Galleries, where a second auction of Disneyland memorabilia and artifacts will take place on November 21. Meanwhile, all auction items are on display at the galleries, so we took a quick trip over the hill into the Valley to see them.

A group of young men followed us into Van Eaton. "Oh my god!" one of them gasped.

"Already with the gasping?" his friend snorted, rolling his eyes. "We just got here!"

But I understood completely, because sitting in the middle of the gallery was a paper model of the most fabulous building ever featured at Disneyland: the Monsanto House of the Future. The estimated auction price: $3500 (yikes!). Nonetheless, it was a thrill to see in person.

Paper model of the Monsanto House: be still my heart!

Rocket to the Moon model . . .

and plate

Jungle Cruise model

Animatronic face without "skin" (creepy!)

Animatronic Jack Skellington from Haunted Mansion Holiday

  Mickey banner

 Matterhorn sign

 Original Shag painting celebrating Enchanted Tiki Room 40th anniversary

Lots of wonderful things!
As you can see above, there were also lots of other wonderful things—everything from Disneyland charm bracelets to plates, maps, and ride blueprints to posters and cast member costumes. The real pièce-de-résistance, however, was two refurbished PeopleMover cars, plus working console. Never one of my favorites—too boring for my taste—the long-gone ride still has rabid fans. Not surprisingly, the cars are expected to fetch more than $300,000. 

 Larger auction items in a space nextdoor to the gallery

Prices were way beyond our means at the first auction, which Tim and I attended in February; but I can't wait to see the bidding for the PeopleMover. You know where I'll be on November 21!

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