Sunday, January 15, 2017

Star Wars 5K

 Nearing the finish line

Disney race events occur rain or shine. So, despite predicted inclement weather, we headed to the parks, Thursday afternoon, spent the night at the Disneyland Hotel, and got up, Friday morning, at 4AM to participate in the Star Wars 5K. It was damp and a tad colder and darker than our last 5K, but we had fun nonetheless. As I always say: any excuse to go to Disneyland!

Thursday: nothing like a little drizzle to keep the crowds away from Disneyland!

With Dumbo, our family favorite

Friday: 5AM selfie while waiting for the 5K to begin

Giving the ol' Vulcan salute—Live Long and Prosper
but wait, this is Star Wars not Star Trek!

 My favorite Disneyland sight: Tomorrowland's rocket

Running the teacups before the park opens

Sleeping Beauty's castle at dawn: magnificent!

Close to the finish line

Right before crossing

Our reward: a 5K medal (pretty cool!)

But wait, there's more! What's becoming a post-5K tradition, we treated ourselves to a buffet at the PCH Grill, the "character breakfast" at Disney's Paradise Pier hotel.

Daisy Duck and me

Stitch and Tim

Me and Pluto

Pluto and Tim


Ginny said...

Very cool medal.

Cyn said...

Thanks, Ginny. I think so, too. For my first 5K last year, I was given a plastic medal--rather cheesy. But since then they started giving actual metal medals, which are much more special. STAR WARS, of course, is way cool.