Monday, September 03, 2018


Spirit of Detroit

After falling into serious decline in the late 20th century, Detroit is experiencing a major renaissance and was perhaps the biggest surprise of our entire trip. We arrived shortly after breakfast, hopped on a bus to Dearborn, drove past Hitsville U.S.A, the home of Motown Records, and spent most of the day at the Ford Museum of American Innovation, which started out as a car museum in the late 1920s but is now so much more. Once back at the ship, we walked the few blocks into downtown Detroit, so Tim could eat the chili dog he's been dreaming about for years. I also got to see the glorious art deco Guardian Building. Loved the whole day. We'll definitely return . . .

Drive-by: Hitsville, U.S.A., now the Motown Museum—another reason to
return to Detroit

Ford Museum of American Innovation—
still part car museum, though so much more

Chevys, too

One of the most beautiful cars ever built

Fan favorite!

Planes, too

Wright Brothers exhibit

And locomotives

FDR's presidential vehicle

The limo in which JFK was shot

And the chair in which Lincoln was assassinated

The famous bus in which Rosa Parks rode

Lots of incredible—and incredibly beautiful—generator gears

More of the same


Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion house

Dymaxion House interior, looking very much like Disneyland's

Tim and Mo Rooca from TV show Innovation Nation,
filmed at the Museum

Chili dog heaven: American Coney Island Dog, est. 1917

There it is—eat it! (I'm eating a salad in the background.)

Happy hubby

Phenomenal Guardian Building


More beauty

Mural celebrating commerce

Detroit skyline . . . On to Cleveland

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