Monday, September 03, 2018

Mackinac Island

"Mackinac Island Welcomes You"

Our first stop, after sailing an entire day, was Mackinac (pronounced "Mackinaw") Island on the west end of Lake Huron. Although small—only 3.8 square miles—the island is home to the world-famous Grand Hotel, featured in the 1989 romantic time-travel movie Somewhere in Time, plus Fort Mackinac, now an excellent historical museum. Motorized vehicles are prohibited, so moving around the island is done strictly by horse carriage, bicycle and foot. Residents keep their homes as authentic to their 19th-century origins as possible. An absolutely lovely community.

Sunrise, approaching Mackinac Island


One of 700 working horses on the island

Fort Mackinac

Panoramic view of the Grand Hotel

East end of the hotel

Visitors arriving by horse-drawn carriage

World's longest veranda

Fabulous lobby

Brunch at the Grand Hotel

Dining room seats 1200—table for two, please!

Desserts as soon as you enter the dining room door

Seemingly endless buffet 

Evening dress code—lucky we were there for brunch and not dinner!

Beautiful Victorian homes

Our home-away-from-home docked and waiting for our return

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