Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bullocks Wilshire

One of the most beautiful architectural icons of Los Angeles is Bullocks Wilshire, located just west of downtown L.A. Opened in 1929, the building is a monument to the fabulous art deco style of the period. Unfortunately, however, as the downtown area began to decline in the late 20th-century, so did Bullocks. The Wilshire store was eventually sold to Macy’s, which stripped it of its glorious fixtures. But happily, in 1994, the building became part of the Southwestern Law School, where it remains today, serving as the school’s magnificent law library. Most of the original fixtures have been restored.

On Saturday, the California Library Association sponsored a rare tour of the inside of the facility. Tim, Karen and I were the first to buy tickets. I will let the building itself tell the rest of the story. (Click on images to enlarge.)

The famous Bullocks Wilshire tower

 Exterior detail

Porte cochère ceiling mural: the Spirit of Transportation
(above and below)

 Exterior lamp

Looking east at the tower from the Vermont 
subway station entrance

Interior lobby: elevator art (above)
and elevator doors (below)

Lamps (above and below)

Clocks (above and below)

Interior wall mural

Private room where high-end fashion was modeled
for wealthier customers

Detail above the door

A remaining dressing mirror among the stacks

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Suzanne said...

When we lived in the Wilshire district in '69 and "71 I used to take folks to this department store to see an example of a glorious old building. It sure is beautiful. Thanks for reminding me of it.