Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yet More Disneyland and Cars Land!

Dinner for three at Club 33

The big annual American Library Association conference was held in Anaheim over the weekend, so we took my colleague Suzanne to Club 33, Walt Disney’s exclusive restaurant inside Disneyland. Tim made reservations through someone who knows someone, etc., who is a member of Club 33. Like last time, we adhered to the dress code and arrived right on time. The food was fabulous; plus we got to walk along the balcony, peering down at regular folk strolling through New Orleans Square. Although expensive, it was nonetheless a magical two hours.

In addition to dinner, guests of Club 33 get free entrance to Disney California Adventure as well as Disneyland. We hadn’t seen Cars Land at night yet, so we quickly made our way over to the other park after dessert. Radiator Springs was crowded but beautiful, all lit-up in neon signs. See for yourself:

Ornament Valley all aglow

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