Saturday, September 07, 2013

Food Truck Friday

Good family fun in Westchester

You know food trucks have become mainstream when even Wendy’s has one. Still, they remain popular in L.A. and we love them. We occasionally go to the SM Food Truck Lot, Tuesday nights, on Main St. in Santa Monica . . . when we remember. But the most convenient is First Friday Food Trucks in Westchester at 87th and the Triangle, just a few blocks from LAX. 

Sometimes we’ll meet Karen there, but last night we were on our own. There’s plenty of parking (if you get there early enough) and usually a good variety of trucks (although waffles was the common theme last night). I got yummy Flyin’ Chicken Sliders at Me So Hungry, while Tim waited forever for a lobster roll at Roll ‘N Lobster

The long-awaited lobster roll

He topped that off with a potato-and-bacon dish, from Vizzi, that was just too gross for words. 

By the time we finished eating at five different trucks, it wasn’t as cheap a Friday night date as we hoped, but it’s always fun. Plus I’m lovin’ the food truck art!

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